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Granddaughter's First Communion? QC Delivers

When Melba Bean wanted to get from St. Louis to Chicago to attend her granddaughter’s first communion, QC helped it happen.

A mother of eight and grandmother of 16, Melba, 58, is a domestic whirlwind – sewing, cooking (Louisiana-style, just like her mother taught her while growing up in Chicago) and visiting family.

But few trips were as important to Melba as the five-hour drive to attend 8-year-old Amanda Cerda’s first communion service at St. Joan of Arc church in the Chicago suburb of Evanston, Ill.

“I couldn’t have made it without Quik Cash,” says the 58-year-old home décor salesperson, who is a customer at the Quik Cash branch in the St. Louis suburb of St. Ann, Missouri.

'I couldn't have made it without QC,' she says. I know good customer service and I know how to treat customers. The people at Quik Cash are always friendly, always helpful and always explain my options. They are a Godsend.' - Melba B., Age 58, St. Ann, Mo.

In addition to helping with family visits, Quik Cash loans have enabled Bean to buy prescription medication, help a friend in need, and buy Christmas and Father’s Day gifts.

“I always make sure I pay them back on time, but having the convenience is important to me, especially when there are pressing needs,” Melba says.

But what keeps Melba coming back to Quik Cash (there are several competitors nearby) is the friendly customer service she gets.

Having worked in customer service for Burlington Coat Factory and J.C. Penney (where she won several customer service awards), Melba knows how to work with the public, and she especially appreciates how she is treated at QC Branch #526.

“I know good customer service, I know how to treat customers, and I know how I want to be treated as a customer,” Bean says, “and your team is doing an excellent job. Your people are always friendly, and that’s important – I won’t go anywhere I don’t feel welcome or feel like they don’t care about their customers.”

And, in a sort of customer service role-reversal, the Quik Cash staff appreciate Melba’s positive attitude.

“She’s always in a great mood, and it rubs off on people,” says Customer Service Representative Nicole Webb. “We just casually talk about how her day is going and she always asks me about my day. She is very personable.”

But Melba is quick to point out that her enthusiastic endorsement of Quik Cash’s customer service isn’t biased by friendships or relationships with Quik Cash staff.

“I see familiar faces, but I’ve been coming there for two years, and I’ve been served by several different representatives,” she says, “and each one has been friendly and nice. I’ve never gotten any attitude from anyone.”

spacerMelba needed cash to go to her granddaughter’s first communion. Quik Cash delivered.
Melba needed cash to go to her granddaughter’s first communion. Quik Cash delivered.
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